Why OneDigitalAd

Our self-serve programmatic advertising platform helps you to identify your target audience and reach them across mobile and desktop medium with personalized messages.

Identify your audience

Define your audience based on demography, income, intent, search keywords and many other dimension.

Get Quality inventory

Use our AI driven real time bidding platform and suit of targeting parameter for optimized buy of inventory across thousands of sites and apps of your choice.

Machine lerning algorithm driven anti-fraud measures ensure higher quality inventory.

We bring transparency

Beyond tradition metrics, know where all your ads are being served, Whom & When it is served. You will always know the cost of inventory.


Worldwide Inventory

Google Ad Exchange certified vendor. High quality inventory across 165 counties.

Audience targeting

Demography, Geography, hyperlocal, interest, context, OS, device etc.

Response prediction

AI driven prediction for user interaction, purchase intent and creative attention intensity.

Fraud Control

AI driven fraud detection & prevention, Black-list & white-list management.

Wider range of format support

Captivate your customer with our highly engaging ads to get better returns on your ad spends.

Banner & Native Ads

Standard banner for branding & performance. Native ads for app install and content.

Rich Ads

IAB rising star, Google Web Designer & custom html5 format.
Support for rich ads on Google.

Video & VAST tags

Multiple video formats, VAST 2.0+ compliant ads and Youtube hosted videos are supported.




Unique devices


Daily impression


parameters to target

Connect better with your audience

OneDigitalAd has suit of products to meet your need to have meaningful conversation with your audience across multiple touch points that matter.


AI driven programmatic buying

  • Buy quality inventory worldwide in realtime optimized to your strategy.
  • Across multiple medium of desktop, mobile, tab, smart TV, wearables.
  • Country, city, zipcode and Hyper-local targeting.
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  • Get Insight of your visitors and target audience.
  • Segment audience, visualize discover patterns and clusters with .
  • Expland your reach using Look-alike modeling.
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Make sure your ads are seen by real people

More then 50% of internet traffic is fraud. Blocking and measuring ad fraud is a critical component. Our AI driven algorithm automates blacklisting of fraud traffic to makes sure ads are shown to real people.

The Advertiser Advantage

What makes programmatic advertising popular is its ability to help advertisers reach their target audience across a variety of media effortlessly and accurately. With programmatic ad buying, advertisers are not just paying for views and clicks; they also get access to niche customer groups.